Culture, math and geography-our faux trip to London

I gave K an extended project to do right after Christmas break; she was a plan a trip to London. 

She had a budget, a (somewhat outdated) DK Eyewitness Travel Guide-London and free reign.  I won’t go into the budget since the travel book was outdated and it isn’t likely to be accurate anyway.  Suffice it to say she paid for expenses with plenty left for buying souveniers!  It was quite a project; K tried to group her sight seeing so she saw a different part of the city each day (geography), budgeted her money so she could see more (math) and picked and chose which parts of the city she wanted to see most (culture).  As you can see Sherlock was right at the top of her list LOL! Other must sees were the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey.  The London Eye was there for my benefit, she will not go on it herself 😉

Here is what she came up with:

                                                  Trip to London


                                           Length of stay-one week

                      Staying at-Landmark Trust apartment, Notting Hill

Day 1

traveling by underground to Baker Street

Lunch at Reagent’s Park

Sherlock Homes Museum

Dinner at Malbar Restaurant

Day 2

Travel by cab

Westminster Abbey

Houses of Parliement

Lunch at Tate Gallery

Big Ben

Londone Eye

Dinner at the Sea Shell

 Day 3

Travel by cab

London Museum

Lunch at the Museum

Eat dinner at our flat

Day 4

Traveling by cab

Harrods store

Lunch at Harrods

Shakespeare Globe Museum

Dinner at flat

Day 5

travel by cab

The tower of London

Lunch at Tower Cafe

Tower bridge

Dinner at flat

Day 6

travel by cab

St Paul’s Catherdral

John Soane’s Museum

Lunch at Ye Old Chesshire Cheese

Roman Baths

Dinner at Lamb and Flag

Day 7

Eat breakfast in flat

Pack and ready for travel

I don’t know about you, but it sounds like fun to me!!  Maybe someday we’ll actually go 🙂


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