Holiday in review-The Feast of Seven Fishes

Our homeschooling this winter has turned into a giant unit on European culture,  and it all started with Christmas.

I had received a wonderful Christmas around the World type unit study from a friend (Hi Sue!) and was kind of bent when the kids weren’t all that interested in it.  Darn them for having their own opinions anyway :^P Typical for my kids, however, they found their own take on my idea.

After watching many, many shows about Christmas celebration dinners on the Food Network, K and B began focusing on traditional Italian celebrations.  It may seem strange since we don’t have an Italian bone in our bodies but K is learning Italian and B really likes Giada DeLaurentis (LOL!).  After mulling over their many options, they settled on having the Feast of Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve.

In way that is also typical of our family, we threw it together at the last minute.  K and W went shopping on the 24th for our 7 fishes.  They did pretty well considering our limited resources and the time crunch. 

This was the menu:

Fish Sticks (pollack)

GFCF fish fingers (cod)

shrimp cocktail

pasta with clam sauce

scallops wrapped in bacon (which I know breaks the no meat rule, but it was the only ones they could find)

Tuna salad finger sandwiches

Baked Salmon

Garlic bread stick

veggies w/dip

GFCF pancakes

several cheeses

Before you say it, yes! that is a lot of food! We had tons of leftovers and went to bed very full!  It was most certainly a feast!

I found it interesting that even W (who usually just eats what’s put in front of him 🙂 ) asked “why seven fishes?”.  I had an inkling, being raised Catholic and all, but we all ended up researching it together.  I found the best answer to that question in the link above (click on Feast of Seven Fishes) but basically- there are several theories but nobody really knows. 

At any rate, I think I gained 10lbs but a good time was had by all and we even got us some learnin’ done!  Can’t ask for a better Christmas Eve then that!


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