Science class #2-Forensics

This time we discussed a bit about what fingerprints are, the difference between visible prints and latent prints and how fingerprints are discovered and recovered. We looked at examples of the different pattens in fingerprints.

We talked about chromatography and how it helps solve crime.

We talked about how experts recognize handwriting, even when disguised.

We all took out own fingerprints using an ink pad and index cards and then attempted to find standard patterns in them.

We left latent prints on a white board and found them using a soft brush and eye shadow, baby powder and cocoa powder. We then lifted the prints onto index cards using clear scotch tape.

Using acetone and coffee filters we broke several ink samples down and ID-ed the one I had already analysed.

I had the kids write a sentence in their own writing and then while trying to disguise their writing and then had another child ID the similarities.

I sent home this list of links:


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