Science Class #3-Earth Science

Today we covered some earth science in my science class.

We talked about the different layers of the earth (crust, mantle, outer and inner cores) and their properties.

We looked at a picture with a wedge cutout to show the layers.

We talked about plate tectonics and plate interactions including subduction, divergence and transform boundaries and I demonstrated using pieces of chocolate leather.

We made an edible earth using:

a hot ball as the core

a large marshmallow as the outer core

candy clay as the mantle

chocolate leather as the crust

It went pretty well, although the chocolate leather was a bit stiff ( I don’t think I used enough corn syrup) so we really got a good idea of how those plates might look LOL ! Here’s a picture of K’s.


I recommend coloring the candy clay for the mantle, as it’s hard to tell apart from the marshmallow outer core as is.

I also sent home this list of links and books ( I especially like the savage earth and CNN sties) Science for Every Kid by Jan VanCleave

The Magic School Bus Inside The Earth: (Magic School Bus Series), Planet Earth, by Watt, Fiona and others. (usborne)


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