What we do all day

I know some people think that homeschooling means you stay at home all day, sitting at the kitchen table with the kids, doing schoolwork.  Well, that’s not what we do here! I have never been one to assign the kids a schedule like this:

Awake at 7AM

Chores and breakfast

math from 9-9:30

It feel too artificial to me (but that’s just me-if you do that sort of thing, more power to you).

Our schedule looks more like this:


Get up 7AM (me and M, the other kids get up whenever) 

get M on bus


Open homeschool gym 10:30-12

Grab lunch

Drop B at school for reading/math/OT/speech @ 12:30

Foster granny visit 1:30-3:30

B and M home on bus at 3:30

Daycare kid 2-9:30


K’s dance class 7-8

Do some schoolwork (workbooks, read, work on projects)



Get up

get M on bus


Mom’s group 9:30-11 (K volunteers in childcare)

library trip

lunch, Drop B at reading/math @1:30

B and M home at 3:30

daycare kid at 2:30-9:30


do some work



(OK I think you get the get up, eating, the bus schedule and going to bed so I’ll leave that off now!)

Drop B at reading/math/OT /speech @12:30

daycare kid from 2-9:30


Homeschool gym class for B 10:30-12

Music appreciation for K 10:30-11:15 (B will join in a few weeks)

science class (led by me!) 12-1

daycare kid 2:30-9:30

M’s ballet class 4:30-5:15


Book discussion group (once a month) 10-11

Drop B at school for reading/math @1:30

We tend to fit in book work whenever we can although I read to B and M from several books before bed every night (one literature, one science, one history and one of thier choice-right now they are Stuart Little, DNA, B.Franklin Printer,  and The Spiderwick Chronicles 😉 ).  Our homeschool philosophy is literature based so that is a huge part of B’s schooling. 

As you have probably figured out B does part time at the local public school.  That is something new.  B was diagnosed with a learning disability late in 2007 and I feel I need a little extra help.  He seems to be enjoying it and he’s really only there 1.5hrs a day (he was already getting the speech/OT) so we are giving it a try. He also has several phonics and math workbooks around the house that he will pick up now and then.  He spends a lot of time outside and helping his dad. 

M goes to school full time in a specialized autism program.  It is excellent and encompasses all the things I love about homeschooling (kids work at their own pace, multi ages together, low teacher/student ratio, stable staff from year to year, differences are embraced) and also encompasses all of the therapies she needs (speech/OT/PT/play/horseback riding/adaptive PE/guided peer social groups) and which I would otherwise be spending most of my day schlepping her to.  She LOVES school and it is a really good fit for her.

K is home full time and wouldn’t have it any other way.  She attended school from ages 4-9 and never wants to go back.  It’s just not her thing.  She’s an introvert and is slow to warm up to new things so school was not a good fit for her.  Now she gets her time with peers (dance, music, open gym, book group) and also plenty of time at home and plenty of down time.  She is my reader and my history nut, a good combination!

So that’s us in a nutshell! 


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  1. Posted by ruby3881 on February 8, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    Your school days sound a lot like ours! We also have an autistic child in school full-time, and a pre-schooler who attends daycare. Their schedules affect our schedule for the two we have at home.

    All of our “outside” activities (except gym & dance) are pretty much drop-in, and days/times change a lot. That made it tough for us to set a schedule for our “home” studies.

    Luckily, homeschooling is very flexible!



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