Science Class #5-Genetics and DNA

The class isn’t actually until tomorrow, but I have time right now and probably will for the next couple of days so I thought I’d post it today!

 Here’s the plan:

I will talk about dominant and recessive genes and how they effect inherited traits. 

The kids in the class will see if they can do the tongue roll and the Mr. Spock, both inherited traits.

At this point we will do an activity on genetics from Science Kids at Home which involves how children inherit facial features from their parents  (

I will then talk about DNA, the bases in DNA, the double helix and how proteins are formed (I will send home a worksheet demonstrating protein synthesis, the PBS site below explains this really well too). 

We will make an edible model of DNA using licorice, mini colored marshmallows and toothpicks.

I will send this list of websites home:

Update!  The class went well, although I think it was a bit advanced for the age groups (except K) and the time I had to teach it.  Here are some of the *children* and the double helix that were made during class.



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