Unit Study-Harry Potter*

We did this about two years ago (well, whenever the Goblet of Fire movie came out) but I recently dug it out when someone wanted to take a look at it and thought I would post it here as well! 

This one is going to look more like a typical unit study then my units typically do.

Harry Potter Unit Study

Learning Objectives:

To understand more about Harry Potter as literature and to incorporate other subjects into HP cannon as follows


Botany (herbology)-how to grow herbs and their use in the home

Animal Care (care of magical creatures)-life cycles and care of cats, bats, rats and owls

Chemistry (potions)-several *potions* using acid/base reaction, invisible ink, etc

Cryptozoology-Big Foot, Nessie, Giant Squid


Basic arithmetic practice (arithmancy)-figuring of birth and destiny numbers

Numbers in Nature (Fibonacci numbers)

Language Arts

Sustained silent reading

Read alouds

Harry Potter writing prompts

Hogwarts anagrams

Creative Writing

Book and Movie reviews

Comparison of HP with Greek myths and Arthurian Legend

Discussion of things like foreshadowing, plot points and character development w/in the series


Drawing Dragons

Making Fairy houses

Making bat houses

Wand Making


Learning about supposed mystical places like Easter Island, Stonehenge and the Bermuda triangle

Locating and learning about Ireland, Scotland, England, Bulgaria, France and India

Home Ec

Cauldron Cakes

Butter Beer



Harry Potter series

Harry Potter Study Guide (from HogwortsSCS)

The Once and Future King

Greek Myths and Legends

Jan Van Cleaves Plants

JVC Chemistry for Every Kid

The Magical World of Harry Potter



Harry Potter DVDs 1-5

Discovering the Real World of Harry Potter

Dragons-A Fantasy Made Real

Monster Quest (this is actually a TV series, and a recent one)

Internet Resources







*Just to be completely clear; I lay no claim to Harry Potter, the character or the books or anything else bearing his name.  They (and he) are the property of JK Rowling and her publishers and such.  I wouldn’t even attempt it, I am not worthy. 


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