I Love This Book!

Our wonderful Gramma Betty offered to buy us a book to help with our homeschooling and this is what I picked from the catalog:


The Timechart History of Revolutions-3000 years of Rebellion, Civil War and Revolutionary Change by Meredith Macardle, Nicola Chalton and Pascal Thivillon

I chose the book because my kids are really drawn to the dramatic bits of history, and revolutions certainly qualify.  I figured a book about revolutions would certainly hold their attention!  Also because we are still dabbling in the American Revolution and are about to start the French.  It turned out to be a great decision, not only because all three of the kids keep picking it up and reading bits (or looking at pictures in the case of B) but because I really, really like this book!

Inside the first section is laid out as a giant time line, with the different regions of the world on backgrounds of differing colors (yellow for Europe, red for the Americas, etc) which allows for easily comparing what was going on across the world at any given time.


If that weren’t cool enough, there are flaps that open on each of these pages the talk about a subject important to the time period in that portion of the time line.  Then (can you stand anymore excitement?) there is a second section that has more information about some of the larger, more well known conflicts. 

I think I’m in History geek heaven!

I saw when I looked up the authors that there are several of these books.  Good thing we are due for a tax refund soon!


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