Free Stuff-HHMI

Otherwise known as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

This is a great resource for upper level science.  They have information of all sorts of on-line information in their resource area for students and educators (how much do I love that they don’t say *teachers*?).  One of my favs is the Cool Science for Curious Kids page.

You can also subscribe to their magazine the HHMI Bulletin


and order things like DVDs, print based resources and download PDFs from their on-line catalog all for FREE!  You don’t even pay shipping! We own the virtual lab series CD-Roms, the Evolution and RNA DVDs and subscribe to the Bulletin. 

I’ll admit that I get more out of the stuff then my kids do (in general anyway), but then I am the only one who gets excited about science anyway.  I think any high school-ish level kid who is passionate about science (and some who aren’t) would get something out of what HHMI has to offer and the Cool Science page is geared for much lower age groups. B made a Plant Parts Salad this morning as a matter of fact! K has dabbled in the virtual labs and often picks up the Bulletin.  We plan to watch the RNA DVD this weekend to tie in with our DNA/genetics class.  Since it focuses on individual scientists quite a lot it would be good for a kid who wants to pursue science as a career.


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