Planning Ahead-High School

OK, maybe not so far ahead since K will actually be in high school next year (gulp), but it’s still planning ahead.  Right? Right? Ya OK, so go with me on this LOL!

K and I had a conversation about high school the other day.  We talked about how things were probably going to have to get a bit more formal starting in the fall since it will all be going on her transcript.  We talked about her doing more written work and maybe us finding a program that we like that combines our literature based preferences with some stuff that people can actually see, like essays and discussion questions.  She knows she will not be able to depend on test scores alone to get her into college since she tends to test poorly due to her learning disability. An impressive transcript is something we need to work at producing.

And yes, I know that we could probably work around it as many an unschooling family has done, but *I* really feel that more accountability for both of us would not be a bad thing. If we can find a program that fits her needs and my values that is.

Today we surfed the net and checked out some curriculum companies. We looked at:

Oak Meadow (too textbooky for us at the high school level)

Sonlight (maybe-although we tried it before and had a hard time removing the Christian bits)

AO Lifepacs (she’s *eh* about it, but is willing to take a look at it)

Tapestry of Grace (too religious for us)

So basically, it was a bust 😦  I guess I’m still going to be piecing together bits of this and that, which is OK really.  In fact it’s probably better in the long run. 

I also took a look at some math curriculum.  I am thinking maybe Saxon interspersed with some of Key to series.  She hat…I mean really dislikes math, but those are the two programs she has complained about the least in the past.  I am also intrigued by Singapore math and may have her take the placement test next week but it seems really advanced (and K isn’t). I’m even looking into something like Jacobs Mathematics, a Human Endeavour.  In short, I’m not even close to making a decision! ARGH! 😛 K tends to prefer things like Murderous Maths right now, so I’m thinking she would enjoy Jacobs.  But would it help her *get*math?  It’s kind of pricey to just give it a try. Of course all this will go by the roadside if K decides she loves Lifepacs.

OK enough of my math angst. 

I think we have History and Literature covered, although I would like to see more writing.  I may dig out Write With the Best and give that a go again.  It is very nicely laid out and it’s been awhile since I first tried it and decided it was too much for K. We will still need to work on grammar and sentence structure so I’m thinking of picking up Daily Grams.  I’m thinking of incorporating more map work into our History (ala Sonlight) and some simple book reviews or discussion questions so we have that written peice.  I’ll have to see how that goes though.

Science is giving me more angst, but I’ve had enough for today LOL!

Look for Planning Ahead-High School part 2 ………….Coming Soon to a blog near you!


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