Our Trip to the Bookstore

Yesterday we spent the day shopping.  We even went out to lunch in a real restaurant! We visited several stores; the craft store to buy supplies for making math gnomes, the pet store to get our hermit crabs some new food, the sports store in search of knee pads for K to wear to Hip Hop (poor kid is all bruised!), even the grocery store!  It was all very fun, but the highlight of the trip was our visit to Barnes and Noble. 

B headed straight for the trains.  Yes, I know he’s nine, but he’s a still a sucker for a train set and since he’s always gentle with the littles I let him play.  He did eventually look at the books and chose the Kingfisher Knowledge book about Dinosaurs by Nigel Marvin (one of his heroes-along with Mike Holmes 🙂 ).  M made a bee line for the Disney Fairy books and was beyond excited to find her only missing volume The Trouble with Tink. K stopped at the young adult books and found many she was interested in including several new volumes of her favorite series (I think she actually screamed when she spotted one LOL!). 

I ended up in the *Classics* section because I could easily see both M and B from there.  I was looking over some really nice versions of the classics there, I was originally thinking of buying Alice in Wonderland to read to B and M but then spotted Frankenstein. I have always wanted to read Frankenstein and really liked this version (it had nice, wide pages and the paper felt nice-I have a thing about paper). I looked at the price, $9.95 for a hardcover?!?  I was sold! K wandered over and we found some more that interested us.  To make a long story..well…a little less long, we ended up buying Frankenstein, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and (I’m sure this will shock you all) a Sherlock Holmes anthology. 

After that I went to the *real* history section in search of some books on the French Revolution.  I was ultimately unsuccessful, but I did find some really cool books on American History.  K is not excited about learning American History so I got her these books:

The Cartoon History of the United States  and


U. S. History for Dummies 


K really liked them and I think along with some of the historical fiction she so loves we should be able to cover the subject with a minimum of trauma.  Of course I do intend to make her read a few more serious volumes; both Moral Minority, Our Skeptical Founding Fathers and Lies My Teacher Told Me are on our list (and available at Barnes and Noble) and I’m sure I’ll find a few more in time! This is a good start anyway. 



2 responses to this post.

  1. Since you mentioned the Alice in Wonderland book…I thought I would throw this out to ya.
    Dover publishing (www.doverpublishing.com) has GREAT books that are inexpensive – – Alice, the unabridged verison was 3 dollars.
    Then, I went to storynory (www.storynory.com) and we listened to Natasha read Alice (she has a great voice – – and Boo really enjoyed it.)


  2. Posted by schooldownthelane on February 25, 2008 at 2:20 am

    Thanks! I just went to check out the Dover website, it’s awesome!


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