Our Impromptu Science Experiment

So B has been asking to *mix up some stuff* in the kitchen.  He really enjoyed our acids and bases science class and has been wanting to make *potions* ever since.  Well, I happened to be tag surfing, found this post http://thejuma.wordpress.com/2008/02/21/sinking-spheres/ on Team Effort and decided to let B give it a try.

dscf0367.jpg   (that rabbit looking thing is our salt grinder)

B loved adding the food coloring and watching the bubbles form, but wasn’t patient enough to wait for the salt to dissolve without me urging (read bribing) him to leave it for just a minute. 

After performing the experiment to my specifications, he proceeded to add (in this order):

soap-it made everything mix together leaving only a thin layer of oily scum at the top.

corn syrup-it sank to the bottom

vinegar-it broke up quite a bit of the scummy layer

Then he dumped it all down the sink!

So that was what? Density, solubility and a few other things I can’t think of right now. Not bad for a lazy afternoon!


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