I finished my Math Gnomes!!

As I mentioned in my bookstore post, I had purchased supplies to make math gnomes last weekend.  Well I finally got around to making them tonight!  They didn’t come out exactly as I had hoped, and they were a little harder to make them I had expected, but all in all I think they are pretty darn cute 🙂

To make them I used wooden clothespins as a base form covered them with 2.5″ X 3″ squares of felt around them and glued it shut.  I made *cloaks* out of triangles (5″ at the base and 2.5″ tall) and wrapped  them around and glued the ends.  The caps are made from smaller triangles (forgot to measure those, sorry!) glued closed and then to the back of the gnome gnoggins.  The beards are small pieces of pipe cleaners curved to fit around the head of the gnomes. 

Because I used clothespins they are a bit taller then most gnomes (K suggested they were more like math elves LOL!) but B likes them and that’s all I’m really concerned about.  He actually took a yellow one to bed with him. 

Here are a few pictures:

dscf0391.jpg                   dscf0393.jpg

A circle of gnomes!                                    A close up

I still have to add their symbols (+ for green, = for purple, etc) but I was afraid to do anything more until they dried thoroughly!


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