The Rhythm of butter?

Yesterday B and K had music appreciation class.  This has been a very interesting class so far!  the teacher is very personable and the kids love him.  He looks at things differently then any music teacher I ever had!

This latest class was on the subject of rhythm.  Mr A has a bongo drum and he talked to the kids about how the oldest form of music was percussion and talked about how it will set the timing for the other instruments.  He then talked about how anything could be rhythm and pointed out the sound of butter churn one of the moms was using.  In a matter of minutes he was following her *beat* (one two three, one two three) with his bongo and had one of the kids in the class joining in with his electric guitar.  Hey!  A butter churn band!

One of the great things about this teacher is he is familiar with all the current bands.  At one point he asked the kids what their favorite bands was and he not only knew them all, but could tell them whether they tended to have slow or fast rhythms in their songs, but also some other bands who would be similar. 

Their assignment for this week?  Listen to some of the music you have at home and count out the back beats. When I looked in the mirror in the van last night I could see their lips moving 🙂  


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