I am going to the homeschool conference!!!!

Can you tell I am excited!?  I haven’t been in two years, either because of money issues or logistics (like W was working or K had a cheer competition).  We had planned on making a family weekend of it at first, but then I had a misunderstanding with my employer and our taxes didn’t get done until last week so we didn’t have the money to do that. Then I thought W and I could make a day trip on Saturday, but that fell through due to lack of child care and the fact that the kids vehemently protested taking the 2.5hr drive twice in one day LOL!  At this point I basically gave up.

Well…..turns out both my mom and W were able to get Friday off and I get to go after all!!  Yay!

I won’t be able to see the two seminars about homeschooling high school and making transcripts I really wanted to see 😦 but I will get to look at some homeschooling materials up close.  There are a lot of materials I would like to get a IRL look at before I buy them.  Plus W and I will have a day to eat lunch out and talk without little ears listening in.  We really need that right now!

I always love the homeschooling conference, it’s just so cool to be surrounded by homeschoolers! And of course there is the shopping, I’m a serious curriculum and book junkie 😉  I can spend hours at the Usborne table alone!

I can’t wait!


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