Back from the conference

W and I had a great time! It was so nice to have basically the whole day to ourselves (my mom arrived at 9AM and we didn’t get home until nearly 7PM) and we got a lot hashed out on the ride up which made shopping a lot easier. Of course we had plenty of time since it was a 2.5 hour drive!!

The weather was wonderful and the venue for the conference was right on the ocean, I mean you could have thrown a stone into the sea from the lobby! Of course we spent most of our time inside shopping but it was nice to be able to go outside and take a walk and eat a snack if we needed to talk or think.

We visited many vendors and I was able to try out Teaching Textbooks, which I was very impressed with, and talk to the Sonlight lady (she’s been doing this conference for years-I was stunned to see how big her son was!) and see the IG’s I was interested in. Of course we went to the Usborne table (founds lots) and the used materials table (nothing this time 😦 ) and I even went to the hotel’s gift shop and found some cool post cards for Postcrossing use.

In the end we bought the following:

For K

Teaching Textbooks-Math 7
Sonlight-Survey of British Literature IG, several books from Brit Lit, Word Power Made Easy
Apologia-High School Biology
Excellence in Writing-Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales-Writing Lessons in Structure and Style

For B

Horizons-Math 2
Sonlight-Science 3 (IG and selected titles-we have a lot already)
A set of little plastic Revolutionary War soldiers

For both/general use

Usborne-Timelines of World History, The Usborne Book of Art, an abridged version of A Tale of Two Cities
Hands of a Child-lapbook kits on Europe and Animal Classification
The Battle of Bunker Hill board game

Along with what I already have, and a few things I will need to pick up as we go along (historical novels and some British literature we don’t already have-probably most will come from the library) I have enough stuff for the following classes.


British Lit
US and World History-early modern
Writing 101



I am feeling really prepared and really excited to get going with the new stuff!


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