Intro to Chemistry-Unit Study w/Lapbook

                                dscf0427.jpg            dscf0428.jpg    

We are smack dab in the middle of a unit on Chemistry.  It started with my science class on acids and bases, which they loved.  From there I found a free Intro to Chemistry lapbook here:

So far K has made element trading cards, filled out a worksheet matching the element with it’s symbol, made the three states of matter circles and a tri-fold book about acids, bases and neutrals.  Later this week we plan on making an edible atom, writing a mini-book comparing mixtures with solutions with elements with compounds and making some cover art for our lapbook.

K is also deep in the book Horrible Science-Chemical Chaos

Some other things I have planned:

Play the Rags to Riches game

You try it-The Atom Builder

State of Matter

Make Outrageous Ooze

Element Hunt


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