Tomatosphere-the beginning

We planted our seeds for Tomatosphere today. 

Here are our supplies:

                      dscf0412.jpg           dscf0408.jpg

                     The seeds (labeled A and B)                     Peat Pellets

The kids placed the peat pellets in the *greenhouse*, labeled the different side (A and B-leaving a couple empty rows in between) and added water until the pellets expanded. 

                     dscf0407.jpg            dscf0402.jpg

Here they are planting the seeds in the prepared peat pellets and spraying them with water.

                     dscf0415.jpg          dscf0414.jpg

This is the finished *greenhouse* and a picture of the label on the side. 

I had them each predict what they think will happen.  B thinks that they will be no difference in growth while K thinks those exposed to space conditions will not grow as well as the control seeds.  We’ll discuss the differences in climate, sunlight and gravity between earth and mars tomorrow and K will fill out a more detailed prediction but for now the experiment is set and ready!

I’ll keep you all updated 😉

Want to know what happened?  Click here for our results, or here to see our extention activity.


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