Dragonfly-an art project

K was asked by our children’s librarian to make a large paper mache insect of some kind to serve as decoration for the summer reading program.  K chose to make a Dragonfly.

Dennis the Dragonfly (yes, he has a name) began life as a broom handle.

Then he was built up with newspaper and tape to look like this (full view and close up) :

    2008_0312stuff0013.jpg     2008_0312stuff0016.jpg

After looking up paste recipes on-line and mixing some up, Dennis underwent some actual paper macheing (is that a word?).  B was a reluctant helper, he didn’t like the way the glue felt.

 dscf0424.jpg                      dscf0426.jpg

A (very large) mess was made, but I think Dennis looks pretty good after his first coat!

Of course he’s nowhere near done.  He still needs a few coats, some paint, wings and legs.  I’d like to see if we can find something to stick on his eyes to make them look like they are covered with lenses too, maybe some stick on *gems*?  K and I are thinking copper wire for the legs and wing outlines and either tulle or tissue paper for the wing membrane. 

If anyone has suggestions we’d love to hear them!

A little update….Dennis has now had three layers of paper mache and has recieved his first coat of paint!  Here are some pics!

                     dscf0504.jpg              dscf0505.jpg

Want to see Dennis get his wings?  Click here! Or click here to check out his new eyes!


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