Field Trip-Maine Maple Sunday…sort of

Today was not actually Maine Maple Sunday.  That always falls on the 4th Sunday of March.  However, because the 4th Sunday of March also happens to be Easter some farms are choosing to have their big celebration this weekend.  Some are also doing it next weekend, some are only doing it next Sunday.  Anyway…..our favorite farm was holding their open house this Sunday (which would be today) so we took a trip over to check out the festivities.

The kid’s favorite thing about this farm is their Scottish Highland Cattle.  This year there was a boisterous bull


He thought he was quite something and kept *talking* to the kids when they spoke to him.  He also chased off all the other cattle so he could hog all the attention!  Speaking of Hogs….there were two there. dscf0478.jpg There was a contest to guess their combined weight along with a scavenger hunt and a door prize drawing.

There was also two young Highland calves and a couple of horses.


And of course there was maple syrup!  We bought some syrup, some maple candy and some maple cream.

K really enjoyed her syrup sample on some vanilla ice cream! dscf0487.jpg 

It was fun watching them making it in the sugar house too:


and M and B liked playing in the snow and on the tractors!


As we speak W and B are making pancakes so we can have some of our newly purchased maple syrup on them for supper!  Yum!


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  1. Mmmm… I love sugar on snow! Do you do anything with your curriculum on this? I did learn this morning that maple syrup is a colloidal suspension, which is the only thing besides milk I can name.


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