Field Trip-Maps, Fish and British Candy

Since I started Postcrossing I’ve been saying that I wanted a world map that I could mount on foam board and mark (with push pins) the destinations of our sent postcards as well as the locations of the ones we recieved.  Was I going to get said map at Wal-mart?  On-line? Oh no..I wanted to go to the DeLorme map store!  It’s only a day trip away and it’s the home of Eartha.  It seemed like the perfect educational road trip! We had planned to go last Sunday, but K was sick and we were unable to.  W suggested going this afternoon and since the weather had unexpectedly cleared up, off we went!

Eartha was amazing! Especially when you consider the work that went into making her.  I had seen her before from a distance (you can see her from the highway), but you really can’t appreciate how big the globe is until you see it up close.  You can view the globe from outside through the glass, inside at the base and from a second and third floor levels. K was less then happy about going so close to the edge for the upper level pic below, but she survived 🙂  The kids loved the map store too.  There were so many interesting maps and travel books as well as navigational tools and geography toys.  Very cool! We came away with several postcards, a stuffed earth, a book about monster hunting, marble versions of the planets, a magnifying glass and travel guide to Edinborough.  Oh yeah, and that map I wanted LOL!

Here are some pictures of the kids with Eartha; at the bottom, the top and outside in that order.       




After we were done at DeLorme, W thought we should shoot over and visit L.L. Bean since it was right down the road (he was feeling adventurous!).  Off we went again! We did indeed stop at L.L. Bean where the kids……..

                                       got their picture taken with a giant boot,


                                                                Saw some fish,


                                                      and spent time in a bubble.


The bubble was built into the bottom of the fish tank so the kids could stick their head up into it and feel like they were underwater.  We had a hard time getting M to leave!

Next we visited a British goods store.  We were really hoping that this store was open as it had burned down a while back.  We knew they had plans to rebuild, but we hadn’t been back to Freeport since and didn’t know if it was up and running or not.  Turns out it was, but it was now on Main Street instead of being a stand alone shop.  K was thrilled (so was I!) and we spent a good but of time shopping there. 


There were some beautiful (breakable, expensive) things in there and B behaved rather like a bull in a china shop but it was a lovely visit nonetheless.  The shopkeeper was amused, rather then annoyed with B so that was good.  He even called him by name when we checked out. He said he’s heard B’s name enough times that he knew it already.  At least he said it was a twinkle in his eye! 😉 Of course the amount of stuff we bought might have helped; K and I bought a pack of Penguin biscuits, a Walnut Whip, a Turkish Delight, a pot of Devon cream, a double Decker bar, a pair of Irish woollen socks, a decorative mini bottle of Guinness (B insisted on this, it’s filled with water-not beer and the shopkeeper made sure to tell him not to drink it LOL!) and the two handsome fellows you see here:    dscf0471.jpg 

They are (in case you couldn’t figure it out) Sherlock Holmes and King Henry VIII.  They are part of a series of British Christmas ornaments the store carries.  There were so many cute ornaments that it was rather hard to choose, but these two won! Next time Shakespeare and London Bridge are on the list. 

At that point it was much later then we had intended to be out so we grabbed dinner at McDonalds and headed home!  A very full day indeed!


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