St. Patrick’s Day at our house

K had asked if we could celebrate a *real* St. Patrick’s day.  Since we seem to have fallen into a European theme with our holidays this year I agreed to do my best. 

After much googling I discovered that, much as I expected, our *traditional* foods and celebrations of St. Patty’s Day were not much like those of Ireland.  For instance, they don’t eat corned beef in Ireland.  Instead they eat a meal called Boiling Bacon and Cabbage. You can find a recipe here.  I didn’t find that recipe until it was too late to brine the meat, so we had regular bacon with our meal.  I made cabbage and carrots in the crock pot to go with it. Next year I’ll do it right!

I found it difficult to get much information about how the Irish celebrate their holiday traditionally since most of what I found on the Internet was geared toward tourism.  I did however manage to get some stuff for K. 

We learned about Irish blessings and ST. Patrick. We also read a book called The Leprechaun’s Gold to M and B and K read one about Irish Legends. I tried very hard to avoid the stuff like making shamrock cookies and dying everything green for the day,  K and M still wanted to wear green though 🙂 ( and I wore my Irish woolen socks LOL!).  Oh, and we listened to the Drop Kick Murphy’s 😉

We were actually really busy yesterday with music class and our foster granny’s visit and dance class and errands so I am planning on doing some sort of Celtic craft today to round out the learning. 


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