Art!-Learning to draw

K has always felt that she *can’t draw* despite the fact that she’s done some wonderful artwork on her own. She somehow feel that having to copy anything, like a living thing or another picture, makes it not *real* art somehow. In response to this she and I have been working on learning how to draw using the book Drawing With Children and these free lessons from Paula’s Archive of Homeschool Advice . This week we got to the Wow! I can Draw! lesson. K’s friend C decided to join in and I did as well.

This is what the results were:


There are four drawings because K didn’t like her first effort and wanted to try again.  I liked all of them, even the one K rejected 🙂 Can you guess which one was mine?

She has been having a great time with Drawing with Children and enjoys making the five basic elements and doing the guided exercises.  I’m still not sure why she thinks she needs lessons, but if they are making her happy then I’ll keep it up!

P.S. Just to brag, here is a sample of her artwork she’s done on her own:


This was done from another drawing so it doesn’t *count* (can you see me rolling my eyes?).


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