Tomatoshpere-The data is in!

We have been tending our seeds and recording any germination.  We saw nothing for 5 days, which worried me a little since I do have the black thumb of death when it come to growing things 😦  On the 6th day, however, there was  life!  On on the 7th day there was more life!  Woo Hoo!  I didn’t kill them!

Here’s how they looked at the end:



I won’t share how it all came out so as not to influence those of you still waiting for germination but suffice it to say the results were interesting.  We did get to learn which seeds were which after we sent in the data.

All in all it was a fun project and I’m really glad we made it to the end this year.  The kids want to continue to grow the plants (and I’ll let them do that so they have a chance LOL!) and eventually plant them outside where perhaps we will see a difference in the larger plants and fruit.  Plus, maybe we’ll have tomatoes!

Want to see how it all started?  Click here.  If you want to see our extention activity click here.


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