Five Places to visit

I saw this on Just Enough, and Nothing More and thought I’d join in the fun!

Here are our five places:

1. Local Agricultural Farms-there are lots around here and they come in all varieties.  We have orchards, dairy farms, meat cattle, even alpaca! The kids really love visiting these farms; talking to the farmers, talking to the animals, picking fruit or tasting maple products.  There is rarely a fall that goes by without a trip to the apple orchard or a spring without a sugar shack tour.

2. Our backyard-We are lucky enough to have a very interesting backyard!  We have access to a lake, a small wooded area and some really cool old logs to turn over.  I also put out squirrel and bird feeders/houses so there are usually some babies of some sort to coo over.  Each child has their own raised bed in the summer and in the fall the yard becomes a spooky tribute to Halloween.

3. Freeport, ME-There is a lot to see here and unless you spend a ton shopping, it’s frugal trip.  Sure a lot of it is mall store *outlets* and tourist shops, which we generally skip, but there is also LL Bean (complete with giant trout tank), an awesome little British goods store called Brigham and Cook and several small shops with handmade or hard to find wares.  and who can resist the *fancy McDonald’s*? There is even a teacher store!

4. Salem, MA-Salem is much more then Witch City!  There is the House of Seven gables, the New England Pirate Museum and lots of cute little shops. There is also some really nice restaurants and, of course, all the history of the town itself. 

5. The Beach-Living along the rocky coast of Maine makes for interesting trips to the seashore.  Within driving distance we have our choice of a rocky little beach full of wonderful tide-pools, a long and smooth walking beach and a touristy *arcade* boardwalk. There is really nothing that compares to an evening walk along the ocean after a scorching summer day! We even go in the winter sometimes to gather shells or check out the tide-pools (with rubber gloves!). 


One response to this post.

  1. I love how your backyard is #2. How many people can really say that “there’s no place like home?”

    Great list. Makes me want to take a trip to Salem or Freeport.


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