Dennis gets his wings!

This weekend we finally made it to the craft supply store and picked out paper and wire to make Dennis’s wings.  K and chose 18 gauge copper wire and pewter colored scrapbook paper.  Here’s how it looked in our kitchen as we began our latest phase of this project.


At first we tried to glue the paper to the wire wing form, but we found it was very difficult to get it to stay put long enough for the glue to dry and it also crinkled the paper.


In the end we taped the paper onto the wire.  You can see the tape, but you could see the glue too and the wings look neater overall I think.  Once the wings were finished, W drilled holes for us to insert the wings into Dennis’s back.  It worked well, but we needed to stabilize them a bit because they tended to spin a bit.  I used a strip of silver duct tape along the area the wings attached.  This also served to cover up the mess we made while getting the wire into the hole.  K then painted over the duct tape with blue paint.

A winged Dennis                                      A close up after the paint touch up

dscf0511.jpg                  dscf0512.jpg

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