A Map of the World

Remember how I posted a couple of weeks ago about our trip to the DeLorme map store?  And why did we go?  To get a world map that I could mount on foam board and put up on the wall.  Well, I finally did it!!

It took four pieces of foam-board 8^O  I wasn’t expecting it to take so many and had only bought 3 pieces.  Luckily we were able to recycle one we had left over from K’s science presentation last spring. 

I taped the pieces together with duct tape and then trimmed them to fit the map:

2008_0331stuff0002.jpg you can see the recycled bit in the lower right 🙂

Then W and I attached the map to the other side:


The map was rather disagreeable to get on the foam-board.  We tried a glue stick but the map kept curling up and coming up.  We tried just using tape, but that left too many gaps around the edge.  Finally, we ended up using a combo of glue stick and tape.  The tape held the map down long enough for the glue stick to set.

Here is the final product, hung on the wall:


I’d have given you a wider view of it’s place in my living room, but the room is in complete anarchy due to some remodeling. 

Now we have to go and get some push pins so we can mark our Postcrossing destinations!


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