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This post is in response to the Home Education Week challenge on Principled Discovery. I know my blog says it’s Tuesday 4/1, but here in Maine it’s still Monday so I’m going to blog us a profile ๐Ÿ™‚

Hmmm…where to start? I’ll do the children first!

K is just a wonderful kid. She is kind, compassionate, patient (much more then her mother!) and easy going. She can be passionate too, and often won’t back down if she feels strongly about something, although she always does so politely! As in “I’d really rather not” or “No, I would prefer not to”. She can be slow to warm up, but when she loves something she loves it with all her heart and soul! I think the slow to warm up is her defense mechanism. She loves to read and is very creative. Although she has a hard time writing due to learning disabilities, she adores literature. She does do some creative writing and has a couple of stories going at any given time.

current obsessions: Sherlock Holmes (and Mary Russell), Greek Mythology, Tudor history
Favorite color: a specific shade of purple we haven’t yet found a name for
Music preferences: alternative rock-heavy on the Emo
Decorating theme in her room: Polka dots in retro colors
Book(s) currently reading: Drowned Wednesday, Raleigh’s Page

M isn’t actually homeschooled but she is part of the family so I will include her! M is a conundrum. She is autistic and sometimes very hard for us to understand but she has a wondrous spirit and a sunny disposition and we all love her lots!

current obsessions: WINX club, Fairies of any kind, Jack Skellington
Favorite color: blue
Music Preferences: HSM and Hannah Montana, soundtrack to Nightmare Before Christmas
Decorating theme: Disney Fairies
Book currently reading: Fruits Basket-volume 2, Alice in Wonderland

B is our court jester. He feels things deeply but always has something funny to say or do. If B is upset, you know it’s bad! He is sweet and gentle with babies and rough and tumble with boys. He can be silly and serious at the same time it seems! He’s snuggler too and loves a good backrub (wonder where that comes from?). B has been slow to read and write due to the same LD K suffers from X 10. He loves being read to though and doing projects and science experiments! He has several medical issues requiring daily meds and treatments and deals with it all with grace and responsibility. He is very organized and neat with his personal space, not so much with the rest of the house.

current obsessions: X-box, dinosaurs, Mike Holmes (from Holmes on Homes)
Favorite color: yellow and black
Music Preferences: anything with a strong back beat
Decorating theme: dinosaurs with a touch of modern Felix Unger
Book currently reading: Giant Book of Dinosaurs, Monday with a Mad Genius

W is our rock. He is calm to my tempest and the good cop to my bad cop. He is tolerant unless extremely pushed. He is a true handy man and fixes both our family cars as well as doing any home improvements around the house. He isย a true father and partner, even if he is easily distracted and falls asleep when he tries to read to the kids.ย  He even does dishes!

current obsession: finishing the latest home improvement
Favorite color: if his wardrobe is any indication-denim blue ๐Ÿ˜‰
Music Preferences: alternative rock-heavy on the harder stuff
Decorating theme: do power tools and drywall sheets count?
Book currently reading: Adding Space Without Adding On

And I guess I can no longer avoid me! Let’s see….I am volatile and moody but I love just as strongly as I don’t. I have opinions and gosh darn it! You are going to hear them if you ask to! I don’t pull punches in that regard. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I tend toward the non-mainstream way of life, doing things my own way. Despite all this I do care what people think of me and am deeply hurt when I’m thought badly of. I also tend to be a bit too empathetic and internalize everyone’s bad energy.

current obsession: getting all the kids stuff ready for assessments, this blog
Favorite color: deep purplish red
Music Preferences: alternative rock-all of it!
Decorating theme: rich and plush
Book currently reading: The Third Jesus, The Story of Science-Book 2

So there you have us!ย  The B family in all our glory!ย  Hope I didn’t bore you too much ๐Ÿ™‚


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