Tomatosphere-the extension activity

Today we made our version of the Martian Greenhouse.   Of course, in typical B house fashion, we didn’t do it exactly according to directions.  Hopefully it won’t explode or anything!

I didn’t have a pickle or mayonnaise jar, but after an intense search I found a flour canister that seems to fit the bill!  We went to the pet store and bought gravel and charcoal and then to the big box store for peat moss.  I had copious amounts of vinegar and baking soda left from acid and bases class and W already had Teflon tape so that was all set.  The only thing I couldn’t find was the bar of charcoal.  I’m not even sure what that is?!?  Anyway…we left it out and I refer back to the last sentence of the previous paragraph.

We started by putting a layer of gravel, a layer of charcoals and a nice thick layer of peat moss. Then we planted some of our tomato plants in the peat moss and watered them.                                                  


Then we made some Carbon Dioxide by mixing vinegar and baking soda and poured it into the jar.

                  dscf0522.jpg               dscf0523.jpg

Next we lined the jar’s threads with Teflon tape to make sure we got a good seal.


Viola!  A Martian Greenhouse!    dscf0525.jpg Notice the colorful gravel!

It says these can go one for awhile or they can die very quickly.  Since we didn’t actually do it right I expect ours will be of the latter variety but I’ll keep you all updated!

If you like, you can also check out how we started this project and/or how it turned out


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