Three Blind Mice

OK, they aren’t blind..but they are mice!  B has just acquired some new pets, three female *cow mice* (so named because of the patterns of their fur color I assume). 

There is a long story to go with the purchase of these new friends.  For his birthday B wanted nothing more then a 10 gallon fish tank and fish to go with it.  He got both of those things and took very good care of his pets.  He fed them daily and made sure their filter was working correctly and kept the cats away from them.  Then, disaster struck!

One night as B was feeding the fish he noticed that the top of the table where their tank sat was wet.  Eeek! The tank was leaking!  Since it was nearly 9PM we had not choice but to put his fish in the big tank.  Problem was, a big Oscar lives in the big tank.  Can you see where this is going?  Yup.  Fish bodies were found the next morning.  😦

B took it in stride but has been wanted a new pet for awhile now.  When we were at Pet-co we saw some very cute mice and he decided he REALLY wanted some mice! We’ve had mice before and really enjoyed them so it wasn’t going to take much to convince me! Since we would be able to use the 10 gallon tank (the leak didn’t matter for land animals), W decided to let me…er….B to get a few. 

Today we went to the pet store before dropping B at school and let him pick out three.  The longest part of this process with lifting up all the tails so we could get three girls.  I got male mice before and never again!  They smell and they tend to fight with each other. I think we got the last three girls in the tank.  The sales girl that got them out for us made sure we knew that they could be pregnant.  I have to say I just can’t imagine how small mouse babies would be!  

Here they are in their pet store box:


And frolicking in their new home:


                                                This is Princess ^


                                                    Thimble and Rosie ^



                                                    How does this work?

I think they are just so cute!!   We are leaving them alone for now but I can’t wait until I can pick them up and carry them around in my pocket. 

I’ll let you know if anyone is expecting 😉


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