Updates-world map, tomatoes and mice

I’m not sure if this post will have any pictures because I can’t seem to get the *add media* button on the new dashboard to work.  UGH!

Anyway…we have really been enjoying having the big world map up!  We got our push pins and marked all the countries we have sent a postcard too as well as those we have received one from.   Some even got both! B is fascinated with the map and constantly asks what this country or that is called.  Yesterday we played a game where he spelled out names of locations on the map and I had to find them.  Turns out I’m better at geography then I thought, although he did stump me with Svalbard!

I took the tomato plants that we had left after making our Mars greenhouse and planted them in baskets.  The next morning I found that the cats had a fun time digging most of them up!  Bad Kitties! >:^( I think I managed to salvage one or two seedlings and they now live in B’s room where the cats (in theory) can’t get them.  The greenhouse itself is doing great! The plants have not died yet (I know, I’m surprised too!) and are actually growing!  I feel a strange urge to call Ripley’s!

The mice are still cute and we have figured out their personalities. 

Thimble (aka Mindy, aka Mystery) is an escape artist, or at least she aspires to be one.  She spends all her awake time not spent eating getting as high as she can and making mad jumps for the top of the cage.  Of course it has a cover so I can’t figure out what she thinks she’ll do if she gets up there but..  She does not like to be picked up and will try to bolt.

Princess is the biggest and laziest.  *She* also stinks.  All of this makes me think she might actually be a *he*.  If I’m right time will tell! Princess (Prince?) is easy to catch and hold and will sit in your pocket but always cleans excessively when returned to the cage 😉  

Rosie is mellow and always hungry.  She lets you pick her up but isn’t all that happy about it.  She likes to hang out with Princess.  She loves to crawl into the plastic tunnel B buried under the litter for them so if you don’t see her, look there first!

No Dennis update this week 😦  We are still stuck on how to make his eyes and need more supplies for his legs. 


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