Home Education Week Catch Up-In Their Own Words

This one is going to be short and sweet as my children are not feeling communicative this evening! Once again, in responce to the Home Education Week meme at Principled Discovery.

K wants me to include these quotes:

School is for fish

Normal is so vastly overrated.

and the following quote from William Blake:

How can a bird that is born for joy,

Sit in a cage and sing?

How can a child when fears annoy, but droop his tender wing,

And forget his youthful spring!

She would also like me to tell you all that her favorite genius is Albert Einstein and that she has no desire to go back to school.

B has even less to say.  His contribution was this:

“I like being homeschooled because I get to play outside and can play the X-box and with my cars.  I like to learn about dinosaurs and math is kind of fun. Being in school all day would be boring.”

There you have it.  Profound wisdom from my children (where is the eye rolling smiley when you need it?).


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