Home Education Week Catch Up- My biggest boo-boo

This is my entry in the Home Education Week challange on Principled Discovery.

It was our third year homeschooling and I though I’d found the perfect curriculum.  Alas it was not to be!  I will not mention what we used because what went wrong is not the fault of the curriculum.  Oh no, it is entirely my fault!  I take the blame.  It was I, and I alone, who fell prey to THE SCHEDULE.

Seriously, it was like a horror movie.  Screaming kids, crying mother, hair being torn out.  All because I got obsessed with THE SCHEDULE.  I was frantic about checking off boxes, I was anxious if I didn’t get all our reading done, I made K listen to The Bronze Bow all the way through even though it made her eyes glaze over.  I actually said to her once *I know you don’t like this book but we have to read three chapters tonight because the schedule says so*.  I was a woman possessed (by THE SCHEDULE-OK I’ll stop now) and nobody was having any fun.

I did learn something very valuable that year though.  Nobody know what is going to work for us but us.  A program can be the best in the world to someone else and not right for us or it could be right for us…with some tweaking.  Either way being a schedule slave is NOT for me!


One response to this post.

  1. This is year 10 for us, and every few years I still feel the need to do something *easy* and all spelled out for me. And every time, I toss it all after a few months.

    I’m a slow learner, I guess…


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