My latest project-Our Yearbook

I have been pulling together stuff for our end of the year review (yes, I know it’s not until early June, but it takes me awhile to remember everything 🙂 ) and that includes making our yearbook.  Last year the yearbook was a photo memory book from Wal~mart.  It came out looking great, but there were a few issues.  First, there was limited space for text so I had to change or cut back what I wanted to say.  Also, even with a great selection of templates, I found that I couldn’t put pictures where I wanted to.  The biggest problem though, was trying to write the text.  The boxes were very small.  Small enough that you couldn’t really see what you were typing, and since there was no spell check, a lot of typos got through 😦 You really don’t want typos in your homeschooling yearbook!

Anyway…I decided to do things a little differently this year.  I decided to make a scrapbook of our year.  K was phsyched about this idea and wanted to help, so she and I went off to the craft store (or actually Target) to get a book, some paper and other supplies.  We started the project this week and I think it’s looking pretty good so far!

We are very much beginners, please be kind!

Title page and intro:

                               dscf0558.jpg dscf0559.jpg

Each *student* will get a two page spread, the second page will have photos (once I get them printed).

Each section of the yearbook will have it’s own title page:dscf0562.jpg

So far we have sections for; students, sports, field trips and academics.  I am planning a trip to get more pictures printed and hopefully have most of it finished this weekend.  K’s sports page will have to wait until after her recital, as will several field trip pages (since we haven’t taken the trips yet LOL!).


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  1. I guess the best part of having a yearly review is it makes you put the year together so that you have a memory book! I always have great intentions of doing it, but since I’m not forced to finish it, it rarely comes together into a nice, neat, final format. [sigh] Good luck with yours, it looks great so far!


  2. It’s looking cute …

    And you’re reminding me to get going on our scrapbook. Well, I’m a beginner, too. For last year’s book, I used tons of construction paper (which faded a little, oopsy) but then found a boatload of cheap scrapping paper at the Dollar Tree. Also, stickers and I pretty much scribbled notes everywhere. LOL

    Once, we did use the photo book from Kodak, but, yeah, I just felt so restricted, so I hear ya. : )


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