Field Trip-Lonach Farm

Lonach Farm is a small farm run by my brother Eric and his wife Mo. Last week three lambs were born so we went to see them on Sunday. Aren’t they adorable?

dscf0587.jpg dscf0600.jpg

Of course, while we were there we checked out the other animals as well. There were more sheep, dscf0581.jpg Minature Donkeys, dscf0602.jpg
and several hound dogs to play with. dscf0567.jpg                                               dscf0548.jpg

There were also chickens, which I couldn’t get a good picture of.  I did, however, get a good picture of their lovely eggs! dscf0609.jpg

My father sometimes jokingly refers to the farm as The Farm of Useless Animals, which goes back to the days when they *only* had donkeys (and maybe chickens?).  The animals are hardly useless! Oh no!  Wool is harvested from the flock of sheep, which is then sold or hand spun and knit into lovely creations. The chickens produce eggs and the donkeys and hounds provide entertainment (just ask my kids!).  Plus, it’s just a darn fun place to visit!

B has already asked to go back and is willing to show how useful he can be so he can stay longer 🙂 He really enjoyed himself!  I know M is always up for a romp with the hounds as well so hopefully we will be able to go back sooner rather then later.


If you want to learn more about the fiber arts produced by Lonach Farm visit Wooly Women . Eric is an author as well as a farmer 😉 You can read more about that on his blog if the urge strikes you.



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