Sequins and Newsprint and Glue…Oh My!

I know you have all been waiting for it with baited breath, and here it is! A Dennis update!

This time he had his eyes done 😉 K and I attached 10mm, opalescent sequins with (lots of) school glue to mimic the multi lens eyes of real dragonflies. dscf0642.jpg

He also got a wing lift. K and I could see that over time the duct tape just wasn’t cutting it. Dennis developed a rather severe droop! So we addressed that issue by balling up some newsprint and sticking it under his wings right where they join his body. Then we took strips of newsprint through some more glue and made him a wing harness. dscf0643.jpg Hopefully that will do the trick!

Overall I think he’s looking really good! dscf0644.jpg

He’s nearly done now! All that’s left to do is attach his legs (which are already constructed out of several peices of 18 gauge wire twisted together) and touch up his paint job. I’m hoping to have him at the library by the end of next week!

UPDATE!  Dennis is complete!  W took a break from working on the car to drill the holes for Dennis’ legs dscf0663.jpg and then K and I attached them dscf0667.jpg
and drew him a little smile! Here he is complete:

Click here if you want to see Dennis’ humble beginnings or here to see how he got his wings.


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