A new Crabitat!

Last weekend W, the kids and I took a trip to the local mall. At said mall, they have a *crab shack* kiosk. I’ve never stopped at it before, but it caught B’s eye and so we went over to have a look and play with the crabbies.

Ugh. I shouldn’t have. Those crabs were not happy crabs! They had barely any water and some were so big they were literally busting out of their shells! Poor things ūüė¶ K was nearly in tears (Ok, maybe¬†she wasn’t¬†¬†that upset but she’s a sensative child) and both she and B were begging me to let them *rescue* one. I caved and let them get one crab, which was sent home in a plastic shopping bag with a scoop of sand (where’s the really angry icon when you need it?).

At any rate, once we got Sir Edmund (what? He likes to climb!) home we were faced with a dilema. The 10 gallon tank we had set up as a Crabitat was barely big enough for the five crabs we had, and Edmund was no tiny crab! Hmmmm…..what to do? While we thought, I put the poor guy in the travel tank.

The solution became obvious soon enough. We had a 29 gallon tank set up as an aquarium that currently housed an ornery cichlid. He refused to share his tank, promptly eating any¬†critter¬†we put in the tank. I figured if he couldn’t share, he’d get the smaller tank!¬† We decided Edmund¬†would be fine¬†spending the night in the travel tank and we would begin the transfer in the morning.

Come morning B and M pitched in and helped W and I put the other five crabs in their travel tank, clean out the 10 gallon, transfer Pierre, clean out the 29 gallon, get it ready for the crabs and (finally) put them in their new home.  *phew!*  B was very helpful, carrying buckets of water to the sink, helping measure the depth of sand in the large tank and cleaning up spills.  M mostly *took care* (read held the travel tank and talked to) the crabs. 

After a morning of hard work the transformation is complete! The crabbies now live in the swanky digs you see below and Pierre the cichlid is actually much happier in the smaller tank. Go figure!


The crabs are very much enjoying themselves, moving around the additional space and co-habitating peacefully with their new friend.  At least now they are, Edmund buried himself for the first 4 days and only emerged today.

Here’s a pic of the new guy:¬†dscf0653.jpg

Here are the big girls, Irma and Angel, with Mr. Crabs climbing up:

and here is little Pigwidgeon! dscf0661.jpg

and a better picture of Mr. Crabs dscf0688.jpg

Can you tell I just figured out how to use the Macro setting? ūüėČ

Just for the record, I reccomend doing your research before owning hermit crabs.  The habitats sold at the kiosk are really not all that suitable.  We recently found a very good book on crabs at our library.  It is called Keeping Unusual Pets-Hermit Crabs by Tristan Boyer Binns.  It gets nearly everything right and is easy for kids to read with lots of pictures and easy to understand directions.


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