Field Trip-Maine Wildlife Park

The Maine Wildlife park is basically a zoo of native animals.  All the animals there are either currently being rehabilitated or were previously and are unable to be returned to the wild. In addition to the animals themselves, they have an education building, a tree trail and a native plant garden.  They also have a Ranger Museum and a fish hatchery.  We try to visit at least once a year and see what kinds of animals they have.  The kids really enjoy seeing the animals and learning about native animals and plants.

As the park only opened on Thursday, a lot of the exhibits were either not open (native fish exhibit, plant garden), poorly *stocked* (turtle pond) or the animals were still shy enough to hide (coyote), but we still had a  great time!

We saw:

A juvenile male moose dscf0803.jpg and a baby dscf0788.jpg
along with some whitetail deer dscf0829.jpg
some black bears (and yes the brown one is a black bear!) dscf0779.jpg
and a bobcat dscf0774.jpg
There were also lynx, mountain lions, fisher cats, porcupines and ground hogs and I suppose the coyote was in there somewhere!
In the bird section we saw a young bald eagle dscf0810.jpg along with several owls, hawks and some peacocks and turkeys.
Over in the wetlands area we saw some painted turtles dscf0817.jpg and a Canadian goose that I think was just visiting dscf0786.jpg

In the educational area B and K took a quiz dscf0743.jpg
and made prints in the sand dscf0746.jpg
dscf0745.jpg that print came from a stamp labeled Whitetail-big buck 🙂
M got tired after we visited the gift shop and took a break with her new stuffed owl

Speaking of the gift shop, K bought herself a bear claw (replica) necklace and B got himself a eagle head on a stick. He can pick things up with the eagles beak! I got some native animal/plant bookmarks and a chart of animal tracks. When asked what they enjoyed most K said her favorite part was the moose, B liked the bears and M liked (you guessed it) the owls!


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