Reading, it’s what we do.

We read a lot.  No, I mean a LOT.  Sometimes several hours out of each day and at least on hour before bed.  I read aloud to K still, two to three books at a time.  I read to B and M out of four books each night.  It can get tiring.  It can get boring (especially since M favor’s graphic novels).  It can be frustrating (especially when B is rolling all over the floor).   I do it anyway because I feel it’s important.  If ever I get discouraged, I read this poem:

The Reading Mother by Strickland Gillian

I had a mother who read to me
Sagas of Pirates who scoured the sea,
Cutlasses clenched in their yellow teeth,
*Blackbirds* stowed in the hold beneath.

I had a mother who read me lays
Of ancient and gallant and golden days;
Stories of Marmion and Ivanhoe
Which every boy has the right to know.

I had a mother who read me tales,
Of Celert the hound of the hills of Wales,
True to his trust till his tragic death,
Faithfulness blent with his final breath.

I had a mother who read me things
That wholesome life to a boy heart brings-
Stories that stir with an upward touch,
Oh, that each mother of boys were such.

You may have tangible wealth untold;
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer then I you can never be-
I had a mother who read to me.


I makes me teary everytime I read it and I think it applies just fine to girls as well 😉

I have several reading lists that I like to use as reference when I am trying to find a book for K, something to read to B, or even something for myself.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Database of Award Winning children’s Literature

Books to Supplement History

Great books from The Well Trained Mind

Book Girl’s Historical Fiction for Children

Chronological List of Children’s History

Just to make this my official reading themed post, I think I’ll list what we are all currently reading! M is reading on her own, but likes me to read to her as well.  B cannot yet read so all his books I am reading to him.

The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra
A Guinea Pig’s History of Biology by Jim Endersby
Frankenstien by Mary Shelley (aloud to K)
The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley(aloud to K)

Ophelia by Lisa Klein
Drowned Wednesday by Garth Nix (almost done!)

Fruit’s Basket Volume 3 by Natsuki Takaya (by me)
One of the Rainbow Faries stories-not sure which(to herself)

Eyewittness Books-Russia
Monday with a Mad Genius by Mary Pope Osbourne (again)

aloud to B and M:

Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carrol (almost done)
Beowulf, a New Telling by Robert Nye (next on the list)

This is actually a pretty small load. We are missing a history book and a science book for B and M and K is currently between historical fiction since we had break last week. We’ll be making a trip to the library soon!


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