Picture Day!

This is the first year my girls have done dance.  Now, K has cheered for years prior to this year and B has done soccer.  Both have had picture days, but it’s usually just been getting a picture done in you uniform directly before the game.  This involves arriving early and having to wait around a lot, but it’s not really very complicated. 

In other words, I had no idea what I was in for.

Yes, today was picture day.  M was scheduled at 12:15 and K at 5:15, we were instructed to arrive 15 minutes early.  When we walked in it was pandemonium!  Girls were everywhere in various different costumes.  The bathrooms were constantly full.  Hair was being arranged and make-up refreshed all over the place! I was trying to fill out photo order forms for K and M because of course I forgot the ones I had carefully filled out in advance.  I was already on edge because we hadn’t managed to leave on time so I didn’t deal well with the chaos. I don’t deal well with this kind of atmosphere on a good day, but running late and having low blood sugar was not making it a good day!  Luckily M got in and out fairly quickly and we were on to McDonald’s for lunch. I managed to snap this picture of her before she demanded I take the bun out of her hair.  


Isn’t she beautiful? *sniff*

Speaking of the bun, here it is unmolested. dscf0851.jpgI thought it was pretty good for a first try! Of course, I only managed to get it in at all because I let her play I Spy Treasure Hunt while I did it up!

We then made a trip to the city to find a cheer/dance place K wanted to check out.  We found it, but unfortunately nobody was there 😦  At least we figured out that it won’t be difficult to get there.  We also made a trip to Target and got some copies of M’s picture in her costume.   Then we went to a surplus store and bought the kids knock-off cr*cs for $3 and buttons for $1 a set. M got pink, B got black and K got pink. They got sets of animals, bugs, sport balls and flowers for decoration.

During all this activity K managed to both loosen her hair clips and mess up her make up so when we got back to the dance studio I had to fix both. We had to wait a little longer for her pictures due to arriving earlier, but the pictures were done right on schedule. In fact, despite the chaos, the photos appeared to go off without a hitch!

Here is K striking a hip hop pose.

I think her costume is so cute! And it’s something she might actually wear again!


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