Cool Things-Operation Humpback Help

K and I saw this in the latest issue of Home Education Magazine.

Here’s the blurb:

Join Operation Humpback Help

This is a student campaign to save the Humpback and Fin whales targeted by the Whaling fleets in the Southern Hemisphere.

Rather than simply sign a petition, let’s combine Japanese origami with student messages from around the world. Make pods of 50 (the number of humpbacks and fins Japanese whalers plan to kill this year) origami whales, string them together, and write notes on them.

You can read more about the project at the Operation Humpback Help website. the site is run by the Tower School in Marblehead, MA.

Basically you make a *pod* of 50 origami whales and send OHH an e-mail (and picture if you like) telling them who you are and about your pod. The whales should contain messages such as *Save the Whales* or simply *Help!*. You are also encouraged to send them in to one of two addresses listed on the website between May 1st and 15th.

K, her friend C and various homeschooled kids who wandered by made a pod yesterday while manning our table at the homeschool curriculum sale.

Here is a picture of the whole pod (or most if it, I think a couple may have fallen on the floor!):

and a close up so you can read the message:

I am not going to list resources because there are so many good ones on the Operation Humpback Help website and also in the article in Home Education Magazine.  Suffice it to say I see a bunch of reading and maybe a whale watch in our future!

Art and science with a purpose, you really can’t beat that!


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