A Box of Stars

A few weeks ago someone posted a link to this article about a homeschooling family who was attempting to collect 6 million stars to commemorate the horrors of the Holocaust. I was very interested in participating, so after reading Jillian’s blog I e-mailed her and received an address to send my stars to.

Of course, I didn’t actually get around to making the stars until this weekend and my big idea of having the kids help me feel through (they weren’t really that interested and got frustrated making the stars) but they are done and the kids know why I made them as well as a bit about the holocaust.  It was important to me that I contribute to this project for reasons I cannot really explain.  I was hoping to make a homeschooling project out of it, but even without that piece I still felt it was worthwhile.

Anyway……I decided to make origami mini stars since I enjoyed the whales so much. There were a lot of mistakes and not so perfect stars at first, but I got it down and made 2 dozen stars to send on to Jillian. I also made a box to put them in. I actually made two boxes and trimmed one peice of origami paper slightly so the box made from it would fit inside the box made from the regular sized peice of paper.
Here is a picture of one star. The pencil is to show the size of the star.
Here is the box full and then closed and on it’s end.

I have the stars wrapped and boxed and ready to send.  I hope to get them out next week!



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Glenn on April 15, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    heelo, star maker… what a fortuitious stroke of luck…. a search for a book by Willaim Faulkner containing the text ‘a box full of stars’ which I heard about on the tv program ‘parenthood’ brought me to YOUR blog.
    I saw your handmade stars and thebox (you made?…) and was struck by the simple beauty of something that was made as a labor of love….so to you, dear reader thank you for this wonderful chance to see your work…

    warm regards from a total stranger in NJ…


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