Field Trip-Maple Hill Alpaca Farm

Today we went to Maple Hill Alpaca Farm to see the shearing.  Maple Hill had invited the public to observe and offered refreshments and wool for purchase.

When we arrived they were shearing the last alpaca:dscf0951.jpg

and they gave us a clump of wool as a souvenir.  The kids were thrilled!
They also had spinning demos:dscf0953.jpg
The women running the wheel told us Alpaca wool was very easy to spin, so we bought a ball for Auntie Mo to spin for us 🙂 We also bought some fudge, preserves and an itty bitty alpaca.
Then we went out to the barn to see the herd.dscf0961.jpg

There were some young alpacas
and we met Poppy, the alpaca whose wool we were given.
We had a fun afternoon and learned a few things too!


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  1. I’m always lurking and forgetting to comment. Oy! Me!

    These pictures were awesome. My MIL is always saying that she’s going to leave our crammed city and head out to become an alpaca farmer. Now I know what her daydreams look like. : )


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