Recital week!

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for awhile, if you knew the kind of week we’ve had you’d know why!

Ah, yes! It was recital week here at The School Down the Lane! My first recital week since I was 7yo and taking tap class. I was once again unprepared for the frenzy 😉 We got through it though and the recital was last night.

It went off without a hitch! The whole thing was wonderful! Really. I have to admit I was surprised. Going to these kind of kid performances is usually like having teeth pulled for me. I just don’t enjoy watching other peoples kids perform for the most part (I am still having nightmares about Band Fest for instance) and I expected to sit through lots of painful routines before (finally) getting to see my girls do their thing.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! Those kids ROCKED! I was especially impressed with the 8-13yo break dancers (and so was B who now wants to join the group!), all the hip hop dancers and the teen lyrical dancers. I really wish I could show you how awesome they were, truly impressive!

K did very well for someone who claimed to be *not good* at hip hop. I hadn’t seen her perform this routine and she really turned it on on stage. She was behind a girl who has been doing this for three years and she was just as good, even though she’s only been taking hip hop since February. M did really well too, of course she messed things up a bit but she held her own and we are so proud of her for getting through all the waiting and getting up on stage!

It was not a boring evening and I was almost sad to see it end.


I think we’ve all had enough of rehearsals and such for awhile. The girls and B are all ready to jump back into classes, but a break from the performance peice will be very welcome I think!

Here are some pics of the girls after the performance. Luckily someone else remembered flowers because *I* forgot (bad mom!).

and here is one that is a better picture of Mdscf0986.jpg

I think this pic personifies how we all felt after the show was done, LOL!
Let me outta here!

We all went to McDonald’s after and had burgers and ice cream. There were several other dance families there and as we left the teens all showed up. It was a fun evening and I can’t wait to get the DVD so I can see it all again!


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