and nearly a month later……

I finally post something! Sorry for the long break with no blogging!

Yes, the school down the lane is back from break.  I suppose I should have said something before I left, but I didn’t think it wise to announce in advance I’d be out of town for a couple days, doing some day trips and generally not being around much on the Internet.  🙂

I officially ended our school year on May 30th and took the next week as a family vacation.  We went to the White Mountains and spent a few days at a very nice hotel that had it’s own water slides.  While we were there we visited the Polar Caves, traveled the Kangamangus Highway and shopped at Zeb’s General Store.  We also ate at an excellent Mexican restaurant.  I highly recommend the White Mountains during the first week in June, we were the only ones in most of the places we went…it was awesome! I do have some pictures and more details but I’ll post them separately when I find my memory stick.

Before we left we went and signed the kids up for summer dance classes.  While I was there I had offered to help the owner with her cheer teams since she (in her own words) “Just don’t know cheer”  😉  To my great surprise she offered me the Jr. team (ages 9-13) coaching position.  I was so surprised that I didn’t really answer her but I did e-mail her and said I would love to do it before we left.  When I got back there was an e-mail saying had the job if I wanted it.  This is very exciting for me!  I’ve wanted to start my own team for awhile but don’t have the resources and this is a perfect solution.  A chance to be part of a wonderful program that has the resources and clientele already.  Woohoo! K and I have been looking at uniforms and planning dances and stunts for the last two weeks.  I start in September and will be paid in free dance lessons 🙂 K will be helping me as well as assistant coaching the *mini* team (ages 5-8 ) and taking a Modern Lyrical class.  B will be taking break dancing and (hopefully, if we can fit it in) soccer and M will be taking ballet. 

Speaking of summer dance….B started break dancing tonight and is loving it!  I knew he would and I’m really glad I talked him into…er I mean he decided to take it. It’s a 8-10 year old class and they all had a blast!  It’s really fun to watch them.

K is taking Jazz technique and really enjoyed it, which kind of surprised me.  She had been taking a hip hop class at a cheer gym but wasn’t impressed with what she called their “stripper moves” and the lack of organization in the class itself so we decided to cut our losses and go with the class she started last night.  So far it seem like a much better fit. 

M started Ballet technique and did well according to W.  I didn’t see her because I took the other kids home to start supper.  I was worried about how she would take having a new teacher and  being corrected but I guess she did fine.

Oh, and we had our yearly assessments done…at 10AM on the day we got back from our trip *yawn*.  They went well and I am now in possession of some really good suggestions and my *proof of progress*.  I sent off my subsequent NOI on Monday so we’re all set to start on 7/7.  I’m really excited to start doing biology with the kids! 

Thus ends my update!  I will be back to regular posting, I promise!


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