(BIG) Field Trip-The White Mountains

Well, I found my memory stick so I can post about our trip now!

First the hotel we stayed at, which was the Hampton Inn in North Conway.  I was very impressed!  It managed to be a nice place without making you feel like you were too *white trash* to be there, if you know what I mean.  Very comfortable and the staff (except for a rather hard line pool attendant the second day who argued with DH about homeschooling) was very attentive and polite and friendly.  The continental breakfast was pretty good too considering it was free.  We were even cheerfully shown the ingredients (to check because of M’s food allergies) of various foods when we asked!  I definitely give it a thumbs up and probably 3.5 stars (knocking off 1/2 a star for the icky frozen scrambled eggs and the pool attendant). 

Here are some pics of the kids on the water slide:


Next was our trip to the Polar Caves. I had been there a few times as a kid and wanted to bring the kids. Like many things it didn’t live up to my memories. It was cool though! The kids really enjoyed themselves and B even wants to go back.

Here they are at the sign (everyone but M who refused to get in the picture):


This is the view from the platform you start your cave tour on:


and we descend…dscf1055.jpg

This sign was in the first cave, or the *Ice Cave*

And here are some pics from the petting zoo there:

In order to get from North Conway to Plymouth you have to travel the scenic Kangamangus Highway. Unfortunately it was all that scenic since there was a very bad fog that morning! For some of the trip we actually couldn’t see more then 10ft in front of us which was pretty darn scary, but I did snap this before we got high enough to be in the fog:

We also spent an afternoon shopping in North Conway which has tons of stores!  We went to the downtown area and shopped the tourist shops; the highlight being a trip to Zeb’s General store , as well as going to the outlet stores and getting us some good deals 🙂 

Nobody slept very well (despite the excellent accomadations) and we had to return home really early so that we could make it to our homeschooling review so the whole experience was rather exhausting but we did have a lot of fun! I’m really glad to be home though.


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