Dance Jam!

Tonight we went to a Dance Jam at the dance studio that K, M and B attend.  The purpose of the Dance Jam was to dance (duh!), do some double dutch and a party dance or two, eat, chat and maybe raise some money. 

I’m not sure how much money they made, but it sure was a blast!  This form of fundraising is much more fun then selling candy bars 🙂

Of course M had to be a party pooper and go sit in the van 😦 but the rest of us had fun I think…I did anyway!  I always love watching the older kids break and krump and there is some real talent there! B got into it too.  It took him awhile to get out on the floor but once he was out there we couldn’t drag him off LOL! He even did the party dancing.  I think I’ve created a monster!

Here he is in action!


And here is someone whose a little better at it then B 😉


I have some video of B too if I can ever figure out how to get it on here!

It was really just a great evening. The atmosphere at this studio is so positive and upbeat, it’s infectious! I never really liked hip hop but watching them you just can’t help but start moving! I feel very lucky to have found this wonderful place!


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