Greek Festival

Yesterday K and her friend C (with the help of B) put on a Greek Fesitval.  By Greek they mean Greek Mythology, something they are all very interested in lately.  It was quite an involved project; they wrote a play, they designed the stage, costumes and all the props, they put on the play, wrote out explinations of the various characters and even had snacks! 

The play was the story of why we have winter (scroll to myth #3).  I managed to get one snapshot just as the girls were entering the stage as Demeter and Persephone.  dscf1123.jpg
The play involved many costume changes as each girl had more then one role.  K played Hades as well as Demeter and C played Zeus and a farmer as well as Persephone.  Not only that, but Persephone had two different outfits!  B was the self proclaimed *curtain boy* 🙂 It went off without a hitch and I was pretty impressed!

After a dinner break the kids went back outside to play a game of Capture the FLag which was Greekified by making a contest between the Camp Halfblood and the Huntresses-ala Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

A huntress defending her flag! dscf1137.jpg

The Camp Halfblood team plans strategy. dscf1140.jpg

Once every one was too tired to play anymore we went inside for Ambrosia (chocolate fudge) and Nectar (apple juice). They were planning on going outside and lighting sparklers but C hurt her ankles so they stayed inside and watched The Next Food Network Star instead LOL!


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