I know, I know!

I’m a slacker.  Truth is there just isn’t much going on here at The School Down the Lane.  At least there’s not much that would be *schooly* and there is a lot going on that has nothing to do with school so I haven’t had much time or motivation to blog.  I apologize and promise to try and do better.  Really. 

So what have we all been doing? 

Getting accustomed to M’s summer school schedule.  Frankly the adjustment is not going well and I frequently loose track of time and almost miss her bus pick up!.  I blame it on sleep deprivation.  *yawn*  She has really enjoyed it so I guess my suffering is worth it LOL!

Also, K and I have been putting together the routine for the cheer team and since it’s a complete DIY project (music and all) it’s taken some time and effort.  Honestly though, we’ve been having a blast!  It’s come together quite nicely and I am looking forward to starting in September.

Add to that some job troubles for both me and W and things have been frantic around here. 

We have been doing some learning though, the kids all signed up for the summer reading programs at our local library and there has been a lot of reading going on (I know, you’re shocked!) as well as lots of dancing since they are all also taking summer dance classes.  I have been quite impressed with K who has not only taken quite naturally to Jazz dancing but has also completed two lines on her reading program BINGO.  B has also picked some books for himself; mostly books about mice, rats and chipmunks as well as the latest Magic Tree House, and has been very good about keeping up with his reading cards (that were sent home from his reading tutor). Even I am stretching myself a little as I signed up for the Adult reading program and have read enough to earn myself 6 of the 10 points necessary to earn myself a prize. Yay me!

The plan is to start school this week (well, actually it was to start last week but…) so hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to blog about soon! In the meantime here’s what we have all read for the reading program thus far:

The Valley of Fear (Sherlock Holmes)
M is For Magic
Horrible Histories
Rules (on audio book)
Beowulf (graphic novel)
Three magazine articles
Hope for the Flowers (for a children’s book)

Magic Tree House-Dark Day in the Deep Sea
Nature’s Children-chipmunk
Nature’s children-Mouse
Inside and outside mice and rats
Inside and outside birds
How animals move

Code Lyoko (graphic novel)
Winx Club Fire and Ice
The Amulet

Worth More Dead
A Bitter Brew
The Assassins Accomplice
Home Education Magazine


One response to this post.

  1. Cool list.

    And, yeah, I meant to start a new year this week, too … but then it was the girl’s birthday, and then their grandmother invited them for a movie and sleepover on another day, and then it was too hot outside to even think and then … and then …and then …


    But, seriously, I’m starting next week. : )


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