Crabby Update

There have been a few changes in the crab tank since my last blog post on the subject. Namely the addition of Zippy, Violet and Spaz. That brings the total to nine crabs, although three are small enough to only equal one šŸ˜‰

Spaz was a Mother’s day gift from the kids :)=) and was rescued from the Crab Kiosk while Violet and Zippy were purchased on a whim one day while picking up rat supplies at Petsmart. Spaz was in pretty bad shape and changed his shell immediately upon being placed in the tank. It was really kind of sad šŸ˜¦ He has spent most of his stay with us buried so far, but he did come up today and a managed to get a shot of him.

That’s him in the spotted shell, Zippy is behind him. They were conversing with their feelers.

In case you were wondering he got named for his personality while we were transporting him home but he has rather failed to live up to the name! Zippy too was named for his speediness, but he is still zippy šŸ˜‰ Violet has an absolutely gorgeous violet colored pincher claw that I was unable to get a picture if since she’s underground at the moment.

I think it’s funny how they all have such distinct personalities! Irma is very active and outgoing. Here she is doing the *Attack of the Killer Hermit Crab* routine.
She loves climbing the towers and the netting behind them.

Mr. Crabs is very much like her when he’s above ground. He has been buried for awhile but emerged today so things should start looking lively around here!
dscf1159.jpg Pigwidgeon is very active as well and friendly, as is Zippy.

Edmund, Demeter, Spaz and Violet spend the magority of their time under the sand, Edmund even to the point of going under every day and only coming out when everyone is in bed to eat and drink. Angel is also shy and lazy. She rarely moves from her favorite spot behind the castle ruins and will pull into her shell at the slightest provocation. Edmund will threaten with his claw, but has never pinched. Demeter pinches all the time but is so small it hardly matters LOL!

The biggest change to the tank itself is the addition of the Tower Bridge that you can see in the pictures above. They love to dig under it

Here is a view of the whole tank


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